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Design Thinking

Connecting products with people using principles of design.

The goal here is design interfaces which have great usability, convenient in manageability, and highly effective mapped with user requirements by following a human-centred design process.


"We must design for the way people behave, not for how we would wish them to behave."

Donald A. Norman

Design thinking is for everybody and can help grow your business largely. The services that we provide specific to design are centered towards the active feedback received from the stakeholders. We define the ecosystem and then our team engages with every single element to make it all just humongous.

Key Activities

Context Analysis: Analysing the ecosystem in which a business operates is a very important aspect of product design strategy. It includes understanding your target users, their goals, collecting facts, visualizing different scenarios, and then coming up with a concrete solution.

Problem Finding & Framing: Unless you know the pain points, a solution can not be expected. Our design team at Gosensing follows a defines set of practices to identify loopholes causing disengagement at different levels. This process helps in thorough framing and building a strong base to move further.

Ideation: Brainstorming, Q & A, curious activities, going wide for idea generation and outcomes are key functions of the ideation stage. It gives a compiled sourcebook for modeling & prototyping different versions of the build.

Prototyping & Testing: An interactive model of the product to test all your ideas quickly and validate with a group of real users before finalizing. We focus on minute things to avoid any lapse after deployment. Once the testing is done, we're all good to go as per the launch plan.

We made the right decision to collaborate with Gosensing for designing our app interfaces. The application of design concepts aligning with customer empathy is simply amazing.

Mahesh Biyani

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